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Thriving Not Just Surviving


For Mama’s trying to balance it all 

Hey I'm Ashley

Recently, I became an instant mom to three awesome boys when I met my amazing fiance. 

To say life got a little hectic would be a dramatic understatement. God was really testing me when things got serious to see if I could handle it all. Not only did I take over some of the day to day with the boys (#WAHM) but I got pneumonia, my fiance was offered a better job that would have him home less and I still had to run my business. Chaos was an understatement. 

But somehow, I managed to handle it all. & not just handle it but thrive in it. 

II’ve been more intentional about my business and my time because I need to be there for these little humans and one very tall human. 

After discussing all the ways I felt like a failure in one Facebook Live, my inbox started blowing up from women asking how I was managing it all. They wanted to know my secrets. I was floored. 

I felt like a chicken with my head cut off but apparently, I was thriving and not just surviving, even if it felt like that at times. 


So I put together my secrets in a nice bundle for you. In four-weeks, I’m helping 15 mama’s go from surviving to thriving


If I can manage it, so can you! 

Thriving not just Surviving

So what does this look like? 

The Details

Four Weeks of Support

Growing in Faith, Business, and More! 

Weekly Workbooks and Training Videos 

A community of other faith-based mompreneur

Be in a new position to rock 2019! 

We’ll start the beginning of December and end in time for NYE! 


Come join us! 


Enrollment is only $347 and limited to 15 women

 as a black friday bonus i’m throwing in 2 private 1:1 calls with me to map out your success!  

This is made for you if you've been trying to balance it all

I get what it’s like to feel like you’ve got 10000 things on your to-do list and like you’re failing at everything. 

I understand the struggle with half-day preschool and business meetings. 

So many people think that when you stay home with the kids you have this endless supply of time but that’s not true. I’ve had the piles of laundry in my room. I’ve had the nights where I just ordered pizza instead of cooking. 

I get it. 

But somehow, I’m thriving in all the chaos. 

Now it’s time for you to thrive. 

It’s time to stop feeling so overwhelmed and start feeling empowered and excited. 

I cannot wait to see you in the program! 

Just imagine what your 2019 can look like if we get all the things under control. We’re going to cover life and business so you can balance it all!