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With is being Christmas time, it is no wonder I wanted to write about the Savior.

It is no secret that Jesus Christ is the most influential person on the planet. Whether you believe He came to atone for our sins and provide a perfect example of how to live our lives is irrelevant because there is no doubt that Jesus Christ has had a profound impact on our lives.

Now, you all know I was not religious in the least bit until I found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The same can be said of my husband, if not more so.

I think that very statement shows the power of Christ. To take nonbelievers and turn them into very active members of a Church.

What I love about the gospel is the ability to change people. People I grew up with, went to school with my entire life who had no religion in their lives, much like myself are posting about how Christ works in their life and what a profound impact He has had on them.

I think that what is most beautiful about Christ. He has the power to change. As I grow older, I see more and more of my friends going to Church. And not just now, at Christmas time, but as a part of their daily lives.

I think this is what Christmas is about. Without the Savior none of these things would be possible. I wouldn’t have the ability to watch myself, my husband and the people I grew up with changing for the better.


Washington, DC Temple with Alex 🙂 

The beauty and power of Christ is why I pushed Alex so hard to go to the Temple last weekend. The traffic was awful and the trip took way longer than it should have but it was so worth it. When we got to the Temple it was like nothing else mattered but being there. Who would have thought two years ago when I met Alex we’d be spending time together in the House of the Lord? I could never have predicted that.

At the Temple, we can feel and see the power of Christ. Hundreds of people were at the Temple to celebrate our Savior. They all felt the power of Christ. The best part? So many of those people were not members of the Church but wanted to learn so much about the Gospel. Why? Because they felt something when they saw those lights and drove up to the Temple. It was amazing to watch people approach the missionaries and express their interest in learning more.

Christ works through all of us if we just let Him and recognize His presence in our lives.

So remember what this holiday season is truly about. It’s not about the presents or the pretty lights (while I do enjoy those things) but about really honing in on our Christlike attributes and celebrating the only begotten son, who came to show us the way to true happiness.

Merry Christmas Everyone!