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All About Marketing

Let’s reach your ideal audience together


Let’s Talk Benefits of Hiring Ashley to Handle Your PR and Marketing

Experience and Knowledge

If you came right here instead of visiting the about section, let me share some quick credentials with you. I’ll keep it short.

I have two Master’s Degrees in the marketing realm. I’ve served as a Marketing Director. I’ve been a political journalist and editor. I’ve won international digital marketing awards. Allow me to bring my experience and knowledge to your business and campaign.

For the full list of credentials, visit the about page.

Brand Awareness
Let an experienced professional help you find your ideal audience. The benefit of honing my craft is that I know exactly how to find your ideal client and market to them without it feeling like marketing.
Increase ROI
We all would like our marketing dollars to make the most sense. With an experienced professional, your marketing dollars will make more sense.
Market Research
As a serial student and marketing pro, I live for research. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you and your brand. I’ll find out what your audience wants while also searching for what your competitor is doing and then do it better.
An Unbiased Opinion
One of the perks of hiring an outside marketing pro is that they can provide an objective opinion. I’m here to let you know what works and what doesn’t for your brand.
Crisis Communications
This is crucial to every business owner and political group. Let an experienced pro help you handle a crisis before it becomes a crisis. No one wants to end up as national news for something that could have been avoided.

1-hour consult – $175

During this 1:1 Strategy Session, we can talk all things marketing. This is the session for you if you have a burning question or are stumped by your strategy. We’ll work to solve whatever marketing question you have whether it’s analytics, creative or strategy based!

Monthly Consulting – $997 / month

This is for the tech-savvy person who needs some strategy and accountability. It includes

+ 2 one-hour calls per month (broken up however you’d like)

+ Unlimited email support

+ Minimum3-month commitment

CMO Services – starts at $3500 / Month

Let me take over your marketing for you. This service starts at $3500/month and includes:

+ Takeover of 3 Social Media Platforms – includes content creation, copywriting, etc.

+ 2 Blog Posts Written

+ 10 Journalist / Blogger Pitches and Follow Up

+ Launch Support

+ 10 Emails per month to list

+ 2 Ads Created per month

+ Minimum 3 month commitment

Web Design – starts at $1500

Need a new website? Let’s chat about how I can create a website that isn’t just pretty but converts.

Need something less than a full website? I’ll provide a custom quote based on your needs!

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Automation
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Reputation Management

Don’t see something you need on the list? Let’s chat during our consult to see how we can help!

What Former Clients Are Saying

Ashley designed my new website. She went in knowing I needed it to be easy to navigate, edit and still look sexy. She worked really hard to accomplish all my needs, put up with my indecisiveness and late night texts. I can’t wait to launch my new site and show off all her hard work

Christine Wright

Photographer , Swish + Click

Ashley has a warm and bubbly personality.  I required some target market research services and she delivered!!!  Ashley was thorough, very efficient and very accommodating.  She will definitely be my go to girl for my target audience research.  Thanks Ashley for all your help.

Navneet Gill

Coach, Navneet Gill

Book a Marketing and PR Consult Today

Sometimes websites are hard… after a-lot of coffee, wine, patience worn thin, and on the verge of giving up, someone comes around and puts everything back into perspective. They don’t only help you – and do it for you, but they TEACH you how to do it, so you have the skill in the future. They save you from your painful abyss of website and creative design struggles that often times come up, whether you are just building a website, rebranding, or need graphic design/website work. They also believe in you and help motivate you to keep pressing forward, there for you every step of the way. This person is Ashley Love and I just wanted to let everyone here know she’s amazing and a lifesaver. I highly recommend her if you need anything at all done for your website/brand, and a big THANK YOU for everything she’s done making my website BEAUTIFUL and helping me move that much closer to launching my blog!

Sarah Lockley

Travel Blogger, My Imi Loa

The best part about working with Ashley is that this girl LOOOVES what she does. Which means that she stays up to date with the marketing industry and eager to help others, even if it means she gets nothing in return (I’ve personally witnessed this several times). I value her knowledge and her kindness is unmatched. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your business that you can completely trust, Ashley is your girl.

Jayne Bayquen

Web Designer, Jayne Karol Designs

I need to share, like scream, to the world. HUGE shout out to my friend Ashley Love. So I was her She Boss project for a couple weeks, not too long.  LET ME TELL YOU. If you need help THIS GIRL. I can’t. I am SO PUMPED. I had a goal of 5,000 in gross sales in January. on Jan 29th I was at 4,200. I thought “nope isn’t going to happen but I’m going to hustle”. Guess who hit $5020 on Jan 31st at midnight? Yep, this lady!  This is a huge record for me. ALL due to HUSTLE, PRAYER and Ashley’s guidance. Legit. Real deal. Thanks Ashley

Nicole Morin

Multipassionate Entrepreneur , Destiny By Design

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