Blogging is dead. That is what I have heard time and time again. No one looks for a blog anymore. How incorrect they are. Have you ever gone to Pinterest and clicked on a picture and an article pops up? Have you ever Googled some information you want to learn about and a person’s article pops up? Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, saw something interesting, and clicked on the link and read about it?

My guess is probably!

Are you reading this right now?

Then, my dear friend, blogging is indeed alive and thriving.

I want to talk about the importance of being you, authentically you when you blog. I blog regularly. My blog varies on topic but is primarily centered on my life and holistic living with Young Living essential oils. Why is it important to be yourself when you are blogging? Like your true real self. I want to break it down into 3 simple reasons for you. I am all about quick, simple and easy, and this blog will be no different.

Why is it important to be authentic when blogging:


  1. It helps you continue to produce above average content
  2. It is more interesting to readers
  3. It will set you up for success when your blog takes off


So how will it help you to produce above average content? This one is relatively simple. If you are authentically blogging, you will be passionate about what you are writing about. If you are passionate about the topics you write about, there will be endless amounts of subjects at your fingertips. You will not suffer from lack of content. Will you have times when your brain feels like it is lagging? Absolutely! However, you will not lack content because, at the end of the day, this is your passion, this is you.

It will help engage your readers. When you are authentic, people will gravitate toward you. In a world full of people who are pretending to be something they’re not, be real. It will show through and dazzle your readers. Before you know it, you will have subscribers who want to continuously read your content.

What happens when your content is being read and more subscribers start to trickle in? It gets noticed. When this happens you’ll be in a position where you truly need to have been authentic all of those times blogging before it took off. Why? You never know who is reading it and which blog post they’re reading!

When you are authentic, you’ll be able to quickly reference a particular blog post you wrote and it will remind you of what it was that you were writing about on a more in-depth level. I want to give you an example of this.

I have been blogging for a while. A local news station saw my blog and LOVED it. They called me and they asked me to come on their show LIVE, on Martin Luther King Day. The blog they chose for me to highlight? It was one of my first blogs. If I were to not have been authentic, it would have been really difficult for me to get in front of cameras and pour my heart into the segment they gave me and be relatable to the thousands of viewers.

Since I was authentic, I was relatable. Since I was relatable, I know going further that there will be many more opportunities that will come across my path. Like this one. Writing a blog for a marketing specialist who works with individuals currently way above my pay grade.

Authenticity is key in life. Translate that necessity from life, into your blogging. You will be thankful that you were.

Nicole Morin

Nicole Morin

Nicole Morin is a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, Navy Wife, Mama to a daughter with Autism & a Christian. She has her Master’s Counseling but when it came time for a career choice, she knew she had to be home with her 4 (soon to be 5) babies! Young Living has given her a chance to be home with her kids, help her hubby with his aches and pains, help her daughter and so much more. Be sure to join Nicole’s group on Facebook where she teaches free classes all the time! Check out Nicole on TV right here.

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