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Christian Business Coaching

Building a Business that honors god

For the Christian woman who is ready to have it all without sacrificing the things she loves.
This program was designed for YOU as a Christian Mom, Wife, Friend and Entrepreneur. It is entirely possible to live out your dreams without sacrificing your time, career, family or friends. I’m going to set YOU up for success.

How would it feel to:

Be excited every single day

Volunteer whenever you wanted

Be the one with your children all day

Be involved in your children’s sports and school activities

Not go back to an office

Make an impact

Bring in some money

Live your dreams

It’s all possible within the next 90 days! I’ll show you how.

“Ashley is a genius! She looked at who I am through my social media and gave me direction. She introduced me to the world of influencers where the possibilities for income is endless. She has helped me every step of the way, been extremely caring and attentive to my desires and always answering my questions, and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to pursue a new vision with her!” Kelly Nascimento

Blogger & Health Coach, Kelly Noelle Fit

 I created this 90 Day Mentorship when I realized that so many Christian women were struggling with the idea of going back to work or staying home with their family. These Christian women were searching all over for help when it comes to building their business (I was one of those people) but alas there are far too few Christian Business Coaches in the world. I’ve been building businesses for myself and clients for almost 10 years now and I know how to solve your problem. Here’s how I figured this out for myself.  

I was barely 21 when I started my first blog. It was a requirement for school (best assignment ever). That blog became so successful it’s still ranking page 1 or 2 of Google depending on what you search. That blog helped me land my first job in a PR Firm. My time there allowed me to build Charter Schools from the ground up, work with dozens of startups, non-profits and politicians. We launched initiatives in front of congress. It was never just about Public Relations. We designed school uniforms, mastered the messaging, built the websites, defined ideal clients and so much more. 

I realized that at some point I’d want to start a family and the 9-5 life was just not cutting it. I remember asking potential jobs about their maternity leave and I was met by men who honestly had no policy in place.

That’s when I realized I had the tools inside of myself to work for myself. I could build a business working just a few hours a day giving me the time to do the other things I love like volunteer in my church, volunteer in the community, hang out by the pool and even date! 

Building a business that allows me time freedom is what it’s all about for me. When I have a family someday I know that I’ve built something that will allow me to be present in their lives. It is possible to do it all, we just have to do it our way. 

This 90-Day Private Mentorship is Your Solution

Here’s how it works:

Initial Call

This is our get to know each other call so we can really maximize our coaching calls together.

Intensive Call 

This call happens first when we work together! It’s a 90-minute call to get real about what you want so we can make a plan.

6 Coaching Calls 

These 45-minute calls are bi-weekly and designed to help you reach your goals. They are custom tailored to you! 


During our time together you get both Voxer access to me and email access!


You’ll leave me with a. ton of resources to propel you forward in business. Leave with mapped out strategies, tools and so much more. 


I personally love to give. You’ll get some initial goodies from me as well as bonus materials and training. 


The Total Investment: $3,500

3 Installment Payments Available

Apply for your Complimentary 30-minute discovery session by clicking the button below.


We’ll go over any questions you have about the program so that you can be sure it’s the right fit for you.

The Process

Mindset Work

Building Confidence as a child of God. Go forward in confidence throughout the program.

Biblical Money Mindset

Does God want you to make money? Sometimes it’s hard as a Christian to want financial gain. We’re going to breakthrough the blocks and dive into the scriptures.

Dream Business

What does your dream business look like? Let’s design your dream business together.

Ideal Client

Not everyone is your dream client so let’s get clear about who you want to work with.


We’ll work together to create your signature style. People will know it’s you before they even see your picture.

Creating Services

What is the program that you most want to sell. This does not mean you won’t offer other things or change this in the future but this will be your signature offer right meow.

Sales Funnels

It’s time to build your sales process. How does your ideal client go from just finding you to becoming a raving client?

Public Relations

It’s time to build a Public Relations Strategy that will propel you into the next level. Many online entrepreneurs ignore this area but this module is what will help you prepare for the long haul.


Now that we know how you’ll show up in the public arena, it’s time to build a marketing strategy that fits you. If it doesn’t feel good to you, you won’t do it.


You’ve got a solid offer, marketing strategy, etc. all mapped out and now it’s time to make some sales. We’ll go over sales calls and how to convert.


It’s time to automate so you can spend more time with the family and doing the other things you love in life.

Apply for your Complimentary 30-minute discovery session by clicking the button below.


We’ll go over any questions you have about the program so that you can be sure it’s the right fit for you.


What if I don’t have the money?

I know how scary it can be to invest. In the last six months I’ve invested close to 15k into my business. Was it scary? Absolutely. Did I believe the money wasn’t there? Of course. But I knew I was worth it and so the money was available.

If this is going to mean you skip your rent payments or your children are not going to eat or be able to participate in their activities, then by all means, this is not the right time and that’s okay. But if this feels like a little bit of a stretch but your bills are covered, it’s time! We invest our time fully when we’re stretched. When something is on the line. Just remember you’re worth the investment.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Coaching and going for your dreams is a promise from both parties. If the possibility of a refund is out there, then it’s easy to be only half-in. No one reached their goals by being there only 50%. We both need to be there 110%.

Do you have professional training?
Glad you asked. Yes, I do! I have a Bachelor’s in English, a Post-Bac in Political Science, a Master’s in Journalism and a Master’s in Public Relations. I also am Inbound Sales Certified, Google Adwords Certified, Inbound Marketing Certified and Email Marketing Certified. (Don’t look at my student loan bill) I’ve worked with some great coaches as well as going through some awesome programs. I’ve worked with Audrie Astebury, Marie Lexa, Marie Forleo and Emily Williams. 

What if I’m not a coach. Is this for me?
Absolutely. Some of my clients are making cake pops, candles, running social media agencies, etc. The goal is to give you the tools to run any business you desire successfully. 

Why do I need a coach?
I can tell you that I thought that way for a long time. I thouht I could DIY my business. I’ve built other people’s businesses so why not my own? Well, it’s harder. I can tell you that from experience. When I built my business by myself everything took longer. The moment I hired a coach, the moment thing got easier. I could bounce my ideas off of someone, someone held me accountable and gave me guidance. 

Apply for your Complimentary 30-minute discovery session by clicking the button below.

“Ashley was an absolute dream to work with! She has so many incredible ideas and made everything SO EASY to implement! I started out using her 120 Content Planner and that alone is … just WOW! I have my Social Media schedule planned out for 4 months! PLUS, it’s easy to use so I can keep going with it and sit down every few months to plan out the next 4 months! Ashley was so patient and our first call together was spent walking me through the Content Planner, and filling it out for me while I talked my thoughts out with her. She helped me create my Social Media strategy and then cheered me on while I rolled it out! Ashley also did 1-on-1 calls with me where we established my Pinterest Business Account, set up a landing page for some of my content, created a Monthly Newsletter template and more! In the short time I worked with Ashley, I feel like I was able to focus my marketing efforts much more efficiently. I’m a working Mom who is an Author on the side as a hobby. My dream is to become an Author full time, but I haven’t been able to establish any sort of consistent schedule for content in the past. Ashley has changed all of that and helped to re-motivate me in the Social Media space and help me get out there more! I’m so appreciative of her time and expertise and can’t wait to see where all of these new ideas take off to! If I ever have questions, or need ANYTHING as it relates to marketing in the future, Ashley would be the first call I’d make.”

Anna Applegate

Writer, Anna Applegate

Your freedom is just 90 days away. Don’t wait another second to make it your reality!