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About Us

Hey! I’m Ashley Price and welcome to Pricelessly Imperfect. We’re this awesome blended family living in South Georgia. As a struggling perfectionist, these Georgia boys have helped me become Pricelessly Imperfect & I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I’m not hanging out with the boys, I’m writing. I’m writing about our lives, completely unfiltered and writing for awesome people like you. You won’t find perfect Pinterest photos or anything really Instagram worthy here. It’s really raw and real, always.  I’m really excited you stopped by to hang out and do be sure to stay a while. 

Ashley Price 

Needing Directions?

Are you going through life on your own or do you have some directions? I recently learned how much easier things are with the directions. The scriptures are the best directions I have.

Love Defined: A Review

I first found GirlDefined Ministries when I searching YouTube for a little truth in my life last year. Kristen Clark and her sister Bethany Baird are what we would hope Christian women would be. They're smart, kind, modest and really love Christ with every fiber of...

3 Ingredient Keto Cookies

Let's talk Keto Cookies! As you may have noticed from my last post I'm no longer eating meat for biblical purposes. I also live with a diabetic grandfather and was having dinner with a family on a Keto diet. Now, they said it was no biggie, I could bring...

What we do


Copy That Coverts 


My focus as a writer is to bring you content that coverts. As a former Marketing Director, I know the importance of good copy. You get the benefit of having not only someone with an MA in Marketing and years of experience but you also get the woman with an MA in Writing and former Journalist. I ensure all of your copy is Search Engine Optimized, well-researched and speaks directly to your ideal client. If you’re ready to take the next steps, schedule a meeting with me. I cannot wait to chat with you.