This story is going to sound random but I promise I’ll bring it on home for you.

This past weekend, my husband’s cousin and I decided to surprise her mermaid loving daughters (yes, they get that from me) with a trip to the Camden Aquarium to see the mermaids.

Like most little girls, they were dying to know where we were going and how much longer it would take to get there. When we finally got the aquarium (note it was only an hour) they seemed slightly disappointed, until they heard there were mermaids. That changed the tone of the day.

When we arrived we were given a map of where all the mermaids would be. We set out to


Meeting the mermaids 

meet as many as we could. We saw one in a tank, sat with one on her throne, got autographs and met pirates! To say they were excited would be understatement. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get excited.

We heard there would be a mermaid by the Stingray Exhibit. I’ve touched and fed stingrays before so I was excited to share this experience with the girls. When we first got there, the girls were absolutely terrified to touch them, which I can understand. Then, they announced that you could feed the stingrays. The girls said they’d like to try that out even though they had been too afraid to touch them still.

We got our fish trays and went back into the exhibit. The workers taught the group how to properly feed a stingray. I, naturally, had to go first. The girls wanted to see up close and personal how to feed them. I feed the stingrays fish after fish. Finally, the girls told me that if I showed them one more time, they’d be ready to feed the stingrays.

Remember, I said I would bring this story home for you. Well, that last time, the time that would show the girls how amazingly awesome it is. That particular stingray was extra hungry I suppose because he bit me. Drew blood kind of bit me.

It was a lot of drama. I had to see a medic. File an incident report. The works.

Now, how does this relate to the title of this post? I am so thankful it was me that was bit and not one of those girls. I think the Lord had His hand in that moment. It could have very easily been one of the children that was bit by a stingray. The outcome could have been drastically different. I feel very lucky because of how our situation turned out.

To them I seemed tough, strong and calm. Something everything little girl should see. Not that they don’t see it from their mom but it’s nice to have a little reinforcement.

Always remember that our Heavenly Father is aware of you. Always. He will put you in situations where you can flourish or falter. It is up to you how you react to the situation He gives you. Those reactions are what shape us into the people He wants us to be. We can also help shape others based on how we respond to those moments. Always try to be cognizant of the lessons He is trying to teach you. You never know who is watching and what He hopes those around you get out your predicament.