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Let’s discuss my time as an Army Wife and how it influenced my life and business.


So let’s start in the beginning and work our way to right this second (literally as I’m typing this my husband is on his way to the VA).

I met my husband on his birthday in Atlantic City, post injury (we’ll get to that in a minute).

So my husband was going to be career military, until his knee injury took away the infantry. That basically screwed up all of his life plans. However, without the injury, we would never have met and I’d be on a different path.

We got married pretty darn fast because when ya know ya know right?


We met the end of February and got married December 16. Just a 9 month courtship. Do people still say courtship?

Before we got married we had a long talk(s) about being married to the Army. What it meant to be an Army wife. What it meant if he had to deploy. What it meant if we stayed in the military.

Now some of my friends made fun of me for having such a serious conversation so early on but it was totally necessary because once you’re married to a solider, you married the Army. My fellow Milso’s know what I’m talking about.

We got out of the Army about two years after we got married and it’s been insanity ever since.

During the time we were active, we went an entire year without pay for no reason other than they “forgot.” Why? Because he was injured. Not just a little injured. 4 Major surgeries and more to come type of injuried.

We had to move in with my grandparents because I was fresh from graduate school and not making enough to keep us afloat.

When we got out,  the VA completely screwed up his C&P exam. His original VA file claimed no surgeries were had and he was perfectly fine. Big error.

We’ve been fighting now for over a year to get that issue resolved.

My husband, love him dearly, has some PTSD issues as well.

A year and a half later the VA is just now acknowledging that issue.

So what does that have to do with business? Glad you asked.

Being an Army Wife and now a Veteran’s Wife uncertainity is something I’m constantly dealing with. Will we get paid? Will his disability change? Will his benefits change? Will he be able to walk today or will his knee hurt too much that he’s bedridden? Will the VA care that my husband has PTSD? Will my husband have a panic attack today? Will he think I’m a terrorist and attack me in his sleep?

I honestly don’t know those answers. Every day could be something new. This is exactly why I started my business. I needed to cut the uncertainity. I needed to be able to home with my husband to help him when he needs it. I want to be there for him every single step of the way.

When I married a solider, I married his physical and mental disabilities. That meant doing things differently. I wouldn’t change our life for the world and I am so fortunate that I am able to pursue my dreams and work with dream clients all while caring for the person I love the most.

I’m on a very serious mission right now to work with women who are married to the military because I get it. I get what it’s like to have a husband who needs to sleep in the other room sometimes because he may punch you in his sleep. I get what it’s like to move around. I get how hard it is to find a job every 2-3 years and I know that job is pretty important because the military isn’t paying you enough.

I get it.

If you or someone you know is a military spouse looking to have a location indepdent career, we should chat. I won’t sell you on an MLM or anything like that. I’m here to offer support and advice to grow your own business so you can take it anywhere.