Today, at work, I got a lot of questions as to how Alex and I can afford for me to stay home. Without delving into our current financial situation, I said it was pretty simple considering the work I do at home to make sure costs are low.

First, I meal plan. I am unbelievably Type A. I need every single thing to be planned. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. I make a list of what ingredients I need to e48bd738b54eb89915224eeea900a0bamake each meal, what I have in stock and what I need from the store. I take that list and try extremely hard to not stray from it.

Every Sunday I make sure I grab a local paper or two (or three). I clip tons of coupons. But I only clip what my family will use. Time is a commodity and I don’t intend to use it on something that isn’t beneficial. I also use sites like

This is where I get a little out of hand. I have a coupon binder. I know, I know. So many people have ridiculed the binder. However, it works! I have those trading card pages in my binder and dividers so I can organize all of my coupons. It makes it so much easier than fumbling around my purse to find the coupons I’ll be using when I get to the cashier. I’m able to feed my family on about 50 dollars a week and I cook everything from scratch. It’s easy to do if you plan a little bit.

Finally, my biggest money saver. I make my own cleaning products. I once attended a Relief Society Activity and we learned how to make our own cleaning products. At first, I laughed it off. There’s no way these supplies are easy to make and will replace my store bought products. Boy was I wrong! I went to my local organic store, picked up a few essential oils and the other necessary ingredients for each type of cleaning product to be made and went to town. They were so easy to make and worked like a charm! My house is now chemical free and I save tons of money in the process!

So for all of those who are curious how we can afford for me to stay home on a military salary, this is part of the reason I can. Part of my job as a homemaker now will be making sure we stay in budget. A small time commitment and effort on my part go a long way in terms of the bank account.

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