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When two passions collide, it is like fireworks.

Hey! I’m Ashley Love and I’m not your average millennial feminist.

I have two major life callings and I merged them together to form this business. That’s why you’re here. You’re either a millennial who is overly excited to read my blog, watch my vlog or listen to my podcast. There are a few ways to grab my thoughts. You could also be here because you’re ready to have me take over your marketing and public relations efforts. I work with businesses that aim to empower women and those in the political arena.

I do two really awesome things, in my humble opinion.


Meet the journalist half of me. This is the half that started this site. This half of me talks about feminist issues, US news, foreign affairs, food, fitness, fashion, business, etc. You’ll find me siding with both sides of the party lines. I take each issue on a case by case basis. You won’t find me writing from a strictly conservative or strictly liberal point of view. Maybe that’s the perk of me being a former journalist. I was trained to write from an unbiased opinion. Until I review the facts, I promise to never form an opinion. With the journalist half, you’ll find my blog, podcast, and vlog. Be sure to check back every day for new content in some form. I focus on female empowerment and female issues. If you’re interested in all things related to being a lady, you’re in the right place.

Marketing Genius

With years of experience in marketing, I’m here to help you and your brand reach your ideal audience. I focus on digital marketing so we can hyper-target your dream audience. I work primarily with lifestyle brands.

Some quick facts about me:

  • I’ve been married just about three years to that stud above. We got married after only 9 months of knowing each other!
  • We have two furbabies.
  • He’s a former Infantryman in the Army. The uncertainty from the Army gave me a passion for being an entrepreneur.
  • I grew up in a beach town. I spent all of my time at the beach. I still crave the water.
  • I love Moana and The Little Mermaid. I mean, duh.
  • I’ve dyed my hair 890 colors. I love to change it up.
  • I am an avid reader.
  • I watch the same shows over and over again.
    • My favorites are Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Hart of Dixie
  • I am obsessed with hummus. Shout out to Delighted By Hummus for their dessert hummus. Guys, try it! I’m obsessed!
  • I love the South. I did undergrad in SC and have been trying to go back for years.
  • My dream is to own a plantation.

The Credentials:

  • I have a BA in English from Rowan University
  • I have an MA in Multimedia Journalism from Full Sail University
  • I did a post-bac in Political Science
  • I have an MA in Public Relations from Full Sail University
  • I am Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, and Email Marketing Certified
  • My first grown-up job was as a Social Media Specialist
    • I was lead for The American Lung Association
    • We won three international digital marketing awards the year I was there
    • I also worked with other non-profits
  • I served as a Regional Director for The Borgen Project
    • After a personal meeting with a member of Congress, he co-sponsored a bill. It was the Global Food Security Act
    • I lobbied Congress on a regular basis
  • I am former political journalist for the Cape May County Herald
    • I later ran the profitable sections of the newspaper
  • I still work part-time as Marketing Director

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