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About to start our eternal family

About to start our eternal family

So when I was 10, my family moved, same town just a different street. I had grown up on a


My wonderful husband and neighbors

pretty busy road and so there wasn’t really a neighborhood and I couldn’t really just hang out with friends in the area. So when we moved I was super excited to be in a neighborhood. I found the first house that had bikes in the front yard and I just went ahead and introduced myself. There was always something so special about this large family down the street. I could just tell they were different from mine. They had so much love and happiness. There was a family of 7 and the mom was always involved. She was at every sporting event, recital, club activity, etc. My family was in the midst of divorce so I wanted to spend all my time with this special family. They had something I wanted.

I went to so many activities with them growing up. I had no idea I was really going to Young Women’s activities. I just knew they belonged to a church and I enjoyed being there. I loved that my neighbors kept me included without crossing my mom’s lines. She was never into religion and I am so grateful my neighbors respected that boundary of my mom’s. I think without that, I wouldn’t be here.


Join our Bible Study

Starting Monday June 4th we'll be study who we are through God's word! We'll have weekly live classes, a Facebook group to connect, workbooks and more! 

Yay! See you so soon sister!